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MyPi Leadership:

Co-founders Zachary Fishbain and Josh Burstein are friends and former colleagues in business development.   Both work in digital media and seek to utilize their business contacts and expertise for social good.

Zach heads up operations, Josh is chief creative and Sean Patrick Ryan leads programs and gets things done.

Talent and ingenuity are abundant throughout all strata of society. But the economic hardship and daily challenges of inner-city life will too often distract and discourage adolescents from realizing their full potential.  

The Millennial Youth Professionals Initiative (MyPi) provides a vehicle for disadvantaged youth to overcome this surmountable obstacle by bringing them into the boardroom, literally.


Our mission is to help our students identify these opportunities and work towards achieving their goals by giving them a “big-picture” perspective.  We aim to reinforce their sense of purpose in the classroom while giving them guidance in their professional aspirations outside of it.  

How does MyPi realize its vision?

1)     Gauge the students’ interests

  1. 2)    Identify real-world applications of those interests within LA’s most exciting companies

  2. 3)    Introduce students to the men and women paramount to       __ said companies            

MyPi aims to communicate various narratives of success that champion the merits of a college education and the ethos of dedication and commitment